January 25, 2011

quotable kids (week 1)

I don't know what it is about kids, but they really do say the most ridiculous things.
Enjoy what 3 of my students did today:

When 2nd grade rolled into art class this morning one boy immediately forced a silly band on my wrist. When I took it off to see what it was, this is what I saw. He told me it was to represent the "warm" colors. Sure.

While working with clay I instructed the students to hold their clay slab in one hand and smooth the edges with their pinkie. I started strolling around the room and heard one 2nd grade boy talking to his clay much like the character Gollum from the "Lord of the Rings" talks to the ring. "Precious...my precious." were the words he kept repeating while stroking his clay.

I overheard a 5th grade conversation today:
Boy: You know who my sister looks like when she wears glasses?
Table: Who?
Boy: Sarah Palin
Girl: Who in the world is Sarah Palin?

January 18, 2011

not another title

I'm pretty sure my title as Art Teacher qualifies me to have some sense of creativity. So why was it that it took me months to even get this blog off the ground? I had writers block. Is that even suppose to happen when you are starting a blog? I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as the worst blogger ever. The whole purpose of a blog is to write. There I was, stuck on the second question of this entire process: what do you want to name your blog? Thankfully, I was qualified enough to remember my name and basic identification to get past question one. Question two was really stumping me. If I don't pick a witty and creative name then I've immediately lost all credibility as a blogger (that may have already happened) and an artist. 

So my solution to question two was avoid it for months. By the time the idea to blog came back into my head I had completely forgotten I already made it past question one. I got back on to sign up only to find out, I was already. Then I remember question two was still looming.

So I sat. And sat. And sat some more. I even googled stupid phrases like, "how to make a creative blog name", "interesting words", "words that describe me.". Turns out, no one is creative or helpful. Google apparently doesn't have the answer to everything.

Finally, I remembered a book my sister gave me. Dictionary of Idioms. Turns out there were a few in there that either had to do with art or contained a word I would use while teaching art. So you could have had "Bolt from the Blue" or "I caught you red-handed" or "With Flying Colors", but they were either taken or not quite good enough. So I settled, yes, settled for "Draw the Line at". At least it has two words I would use while teaching art. Plus, it is definitely something I might say to a student if the situation arose.

I want to be cool and blog. Mostly about my teaching and what a first year teacher really experiences, except void of any specific detail. Just enough to make you laugh. Perhaps you will be treated to life outside the classroom once in awhile too. Until the next story happens, which will probably be tomorrow, let's all be thankful I finally answered question number two.