July 4, 2012

jewelry giveaway

Hopefully you've spared enough time on this holiday to go read some blogs.
If so you are in for a treat!

Some of my jewelry is being featured in a giveaway today.

If you follow my blogroll then you will notice, I don't just follow art teacher blogs.
I like to branch out and explore all facets of this creative world.
Fashion being one of them.

is featuring some of my recent jewelry adventures.
This is Molly and Mac.
I love these sweet girls.
Molly and I got to creatively collaborate on crafty stuff for her brother's wedding last summer. 
Needless to say it was like meeting a kindred spirit.

Mac dazzled me and many others with her nightly country concerts during the wedding week.
She has a beautiful voice and an uncanny talent for writing the most heart-felt lyrics.

I wished we lived in the same state, but regardless, it only took a few hours of that week for me to see how special they are.
Besides all those wonderful talents they also have a killer wardrobe and the special ability to stylize their clothing into some knockout combinations.
Thank goodness they started
So if you have enjoyed my
then click on over to
for your chance to win something I made.
And while your at it, follow their blog, you won't be disappointed.
After all, fashion is a huge part of the art world.

Happy 4th!

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  1. Love this! I wish we could all hang out again soon:) Maybe we should post the firework video in honor of the 4th! haha miss you:)