July 12, 2012


I love this website.
Jordan just has the most beautiful posts that I could (and have) spent hours perusing.
I found this picture on her blog and pinned it because I loved the ombre table cloth.
I am in the process and making my future more aesthetically enjoyable --what art teacher isn't?--
So I decided I needed to make myself an ombre table cloth.
Ensue crafting adventure:
First you need to buy fabric.
I bought white ultra silky fabric because I liked the way it felt on my skin and more importantly my mom said it would sew well and stains would not be a huge issue.
Ollie liked the way it felt too.
I cut my fabric to allow for four napkins and the table cloth itself.
Let me advise you on a location for this craft.
If it happens to be winter when you attempt than choose the garage or basement. 
Pour boiling water into a tub.
I chose my favorite color and poured a bit of RIT dye into the water.
I mixed it up with a plastic spoon.
You don't want to use a lot of dye to start because you will continually add more throughout the process.
I decided not to dye the corners because I liked them white.
I dipped them in about three quarters of the way and immediately pulled them out.
Then I let half of the napkin rest in the tub and added a bit more dye to the mix.
Patience is the key here --which I had little to none--
I hung the napkins on a clothesline.
Throughout the table cloth dyeing I would occasionally dip the corners of the napkins back into the dye.
Soak the table cloth in water first.
Repeat the same process you did with the napkins here.
You will need to get creative on how to hang your fabric while it is dyeing.
This shows how I continued to dip the corners of the napkins into the dye while the table cloth was dyeing.
I let it dry in the garage overnight to let the dye soak in.
The napkins had faded to a pinkish-purple by morning.
I had to get creative in order to keep the white part of the table cloth out of the washer.
To my annoyance the table cloth lost a lot of the purple after its bath.
I still like the color it turned to, but I do plan to give it a little more dye at some point to return some of that purple richness. I will add black RIT dye because that tends to turn purple anyway.

After they are dyed, sew away!!
One day when I actually have it in use I will take a picture and share it with you.

I used 2.5 yards of fabric.
I had a 40% coupon to JoAnn Fabrics.
Total cost: $16.30

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