July 17, 2012

why I became an art teacher (pt. 2)

Maybe it wasn't that I denied my heart.
Maybe instead it was that I wanted to make sure of my heart.

junior college
You spend thirteen years of your life watching teachers teach before you get sent off to college in order to pursue a degree. Besides your parents (unless they are educators) we really have no clue what other professions look like. I found myself at that crossroad. I knew what I had said I wanted to be, but I didn't know if it was because it was all I had ever seen. Little did I know I was on my way to joining 50% of American students who change their major once during college--although I am still wondering what the percentage is for changing your major four times.

major one
Culinary Arts
This was the shortest lived of all my majors. I dropped it before I even set foot onto campus. But it is what my high school graduation program reads, so it is worth a mention because it was part of the journey. What better major to choose that involved my two loves --art and eating food. I had spent the last few years interning under a caterer so I was no stranger to preparing and cooking food. When I went on a college visit this is what I was told, "Are you prepared to have no life?" That's a pretty loaded question to ask an eighteen-year-old. "Uhhhh...I don't know," was my intelligent reply. "Well, if this is what you really want to do just be aware it will be hard to have a family, hard to have a life, be prepared to work most if not all holidays." I was in the student center changing my major before she had finished.

major two
Hospitality Management
I started out my first semester of college as a hospitality management major. You need to understand that another one of my dreams was being in the restaurant business. I figured if I couldn't be a chef in the my restaurant I could at least run it. It only took one semester before I was back in that student center. Don't get me wrong, I loved everything I learned, but I couldn't stand the lack of creativity. I needed art.

major three
Interior Design
By second semester I was a full-fledged interior design student. I had my first taste for what it costs to be an art major. Holy cow! But I was in love. It was perfect, I could design my own restaurant. By the end of the spring I was confident this was where I needed to be. I had enrolled in a four year college with plans to finish this degree. Funny thing though, I have found that the Lord has the power to course correct us onto paths that He wants us on by using the paths we think we are supposed to be on. Had I not been in this major, I'm not sure I'd be an art teacher today.


  1. "...the Lord has the power to course correct us onto paths that He wants us on by using the paths we think we are supposed to be on." Man oh man do I ever love and agree with all my heart on this. Preach preach preach and AMENE!!!

    1. I mean: Amen.

      Sorry, obviously I am a little excited about that. *haha*