November 7, 2012

the last word...

One of the great things about a blog is it gives you the chance to have the last word.
A chance to finally put your thoughts together and say what needs to be said.

For a long time I wanted to be the one who got the last word in any conversation...
well really --- any argument.

As I was driving to work the other day my head was spinning over this.
My lips curled up into a smile as I evaluated the last words I've spoken whenever I found myself caught in an argument.
Every little victory is something to be celebrated.
It is one small stride against this disease.
And it is a disease.
The self-satisfaction of being right, making one last jab, saying something that if you had a conscience you would regret. A disease with such rapid infection that it spreads deep into your life to a point where either holding your tongue or humbling yourself to apologize  are no longer discernible actions in your repertoire.
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Let's be honest here.
Our words hold more power than we know.
Sometimes this can be a really great thing.
Our words can plant seeds that are ready for growth and they can restore something that was lost. 
Basically our words can sow life.

Unfortunately the other is true as well.
With your words you can devalue the existence of another human being.
You can strip them of pieces of their self-worth and confidence with just a few simple words.
Not only that but your words can seriously call into question your own character.
Are who you claim to be and who you are one in the same?
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Maybe you think you know better. 
You think you see a flaw that exists in another person.
You think if you call it out then it can be remedied.
But friend, consider that the flaw may be residing in you.
No one can fully understand the past experiences, choice words, and blows to the heart an individual has been through that has crafted them into the person they are except for that said individual and of course their maker.
So think twice before you speak in order to save yourself from giving an account for why someone in this world is walking around with a new bruise on their heart because you felt they needed your last words.
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So here I am blogging so I can have the last word.
But my last words aren't dripping with disdain and hatred.
My last words ask you to consider yours.


  1. Great reminder! I'll be sharing this link on my blog later. :)

  2. Just stopping by & wanted to let you know that I love your space here!

  3. This post was so beautifully written. Glad to know this is a place of encouragement - there definitely needs to be more of that online :)