July 31, 2012

art room leaders

I feel like every year I have to try out a new or slightly altered version for giving each class leadership jobs.
After messing with "numbers" the last two years I am finally embracing "colors".

First, I gave every table a color.
I made the fringe garland using a tutorial I found here.
I broke the rules and added two neutral colors instead of completing a secondary color scheme.

I printed out leader jobs that will correspond with each table color.
These were laminated. I attached magnetic tape to the back. Now the colors can be shuffled each week.

Sketchbook Leaders.
They pass out the classes' sketchbooks at the beginning of class --- and they collect them after 5 minutes.
Each grade level has a corresponding color and a different front design that involves their name. 
(This is the first day of class project)

Table Tub Leaders.
They get the tub organized at the end of class --- plus they monitor it during the class period to make sure no one is playing with the stuff inside it without permission.
I obviously haven't filled them up with supplies yet.

Supply Leaders (new to me this year).
They will get the supplies and return them at the beginning and end of class.
They will need to bring trays to the correct table using the water cup color as an indicator.
(If you've never passed out stuff on a tray, consider it, it make passing out supplies a breeze!)

Floor Leaders (new to me this year).
They will sweep up the floor at the end of class. They will also mobilize the trash cans to help with the process.

Clean-up Leaders.
They wipe up the table tops after I spray them off (I never let them spray). Keeps the tables clean and germ free after every class! Hallelujah!

Table Folder Leaders.
For the unfinished projects that don't need a drying rack.
They put all the artwork in the corresponding folder. There are 3 folders per class and every grade level has their own color. They are laminated for continuous use.
We shall see how the new color leader jobs turn out!

July 13, 2012

pinterest and lesson planning

** New // blog post // on how to print pins with the new Pinterest layout as of 7-8-13 **

I think it is safe to say that almost all art teachers are using Pinterest or at the very least they have heard of it.
I admit, I was reluctant to join.
I was a StumbleUpon fan and couldn't bare to think of leaving them.
My Pinterest account is now in full swing while I deactivated StumbleUpon after months of neglect.

There are serious benefits to using Pinterest.
Lesson plan ideas.
Creativity at your fingertips.
But if you aren't watching your bank account decrease by doing the multitudes of crafts you've pinned...like I am...how might an art teacher utilize this resource other than the obvious ways?

I came up with one idea.
Nothing genius or anything, but it sure helps get the internet into your hands.

It is only a matter of time before my district or yours shuts down access to Pinterest in our classrooms.
Maybe you have found yourself --like me-- hopping on there during a plan period to make sure you are making your teacher sample correctly.
Don't get me wrong, I don't pin while I am work, but I do get on there occasionally to help me plan.

This year though I decided to take a preemptive strike at my lesson planning.
I printed off all 10 pages of art lesson pins from my art board. (see printing instructions below!)
Grabbed some scissors, baggies, a sharpie, and my new lesson plan book.
I wrote out a label on each baggie for all the grade levels that I teach.
Then I started to cut out all the pins.
I wasn't too worried about organizing the pins while I was cutting them out.
It was nice to reflect on all the pins and get excited for the coming year.
I did my best to keep blog names attached to the pins in case I need to look something up.
Then I took my rather large stack of pins and started to sort them into grade levels.
I didn't put all pins where their original blogger had noted the age level. 
Instead I followed my own scope and sequence to make sure each grade was doing related subject-matter.
I realize not all pins will get used this year, but it was a perfect way to get the pins into my hands.
Get some double-sided tape and start organizing your lesson plan book.
The tape makes it easy to move the projects around.
Obviously I haven't written much yet anything, but that is to come.
I can never plan too far in advance because something will always throw my schedule off.
Keep all your pins clipped to your lesson plan book.
Super easy to browse through them and add whatever you wish to your lesson plan schedule.
Check out this updated blog post on printing pins with the new Pinterest layout. (7-8-13)
// click here //

I've heard that quite a few of you ran into problems with printing. So here is a step-by-step photo tutorial.
I use Google Chrome--if you don't..you should...it is a million times better than any other browser.
First go to the board you want to print.
You MUST scroll to the bottom of that board or your printer won't recognize all the pages you want to print.
Right-click on your mouse and some options should pop-up. Click Print.
This dialog box should pop-up.
Change your printer settings so you get color prints.
Also make sure you put it on LANDSCAPE.
I realized after the fact that when you use portrait it will cut off the projects on the far right.
 I believe using landscape will solve that issue.
That's it! Hope it works for you!!

July 6, 2012

free is good

I bought a dining room table about two months ago which has become the inspiration for the next couple of crafts.

Found these and decided I could not throw good glass away.
Soaked the bottles in water to get the labels off.

I know he hasn't shown up in a crafting sessions for awhile, but don't panic. 
Ollie is alive and well annoying.
He is not suppose to be on the counter, but when I turned around from the sink I realized I wasn't the only one who wanted to make a craft.

Wrap some rubber bands around the bottles.

I had wanted to use black spray paint, but I was almost out.
Silver it is.

I bought tapered candles to go in these, but you could easily make them into vases too!

This project was free because I had all the supplies.
I love free!

July 2, 2012

go green

In May I recruited the world to help me vote for a new paint color in the art room.
47% of the vote went to Overt Green.
A color which I had not predicted the world would choose.

I've only had about a dozen nightmares since I gave my approval for them to paint my room that color.
I only mentally flipped-out at every lime-colored beach house in Destin thinking,
"Oh my gosh, what have I done?!"

So today was the day of the reveal.
At first, I was trapped outside my school because my key wasn't working.
The adrenaline pulsing through my veins told me if I didn't find an unlocked door soon then I might break a window with my curiosity (panic) getting the best of me. -kidding of course-
Luckily, a maintenance person found me before I found a rock. ;)

And when I finally stepped foot in my room I fell in love.
Turns out the world did not lead me astray.
My plan was to organize, but they had not waxed my floors yet. 
As you can tell from below...much of what I 'planned' to do was thwarted.
I did get my bulletin boards covered. 
My plan for the board on the right is to feature a different artist's profile each month...starting with me.
The board on the left is where I put pictures, schedules, and stuff I don't want to lose.
I also decided to create my word wall this year.
I used a Chevron patterns plus tints and shades in my favorite color.
Tempera paint washes right off the cabinet doors which allows me to change the design up every year.
Word Wall

Stay tuned for Wednesday because there will be a giveaway!!

July 1, 2012

go fourth and celebrate

This is yet another Pinterest project I have tackled.
The original pin (here) was only linked to Google images (sigh)...oh for the love of pinning appropriately!
So I am sure this tutorial is floating out there, but who knows where.

To start you'll need a t-shirt, painter's tape, scissors, paper, red & blue spray paint, and a sharpie.

Follow my tutorial (here) until you get to the step seen below.

Using the sharpie, draw out about 10 stars and cut them out.

Roll some painter's tape and stick the stars down to the top left corner of the tank-top.

Use the same painter's tape to make your stripes.
I tore the edges so they wouldn't look too straight.

Go outside and put newspaper in the shirt (the spray paint can bleed, so don't skip this).
Cover up the stripes area with newspaper.
Spray paint blue.

I added a bit of blue so the edges didn't look so straight.
Cover up the star area and spray paint your stripes red.

I sprayed the strings that you will need to tie the back of the tank. See the above t-shirt tutorial again.

Once the tank has dried, remove the paper stars and tape.
Tie the strings (or just one) to the back of the tank-top.

I just tied one to the back.
Go fourth and celebrate this July!

This cost me a total of $2 (red spray paint - with a 40% off coupon @ Hobby Lobby)
The rest of the supplies I had.