April 8, 2013

art room bulletin boards (pt.2)

Last August I showed you all what my Facebook bulletin board looked like in my classroom.
// pt. 1 //
Every month I changed the artist profile to add a little variety.
I tried to center lessons for that month around the artist, movement, or techniques.
I was amazed at how the students utilized the board for information.
Browse through and add a new friend.
Andy Warhol.
Georges Seurat.
Vincent van Gogh.
Grant Wood.
Claude Monet.
Wayne Thiebaud.
Wassily Kandinsky.
Such a fun way to introduce new artists to my students.


  1. I love the facebook bulletin boards! I've been toying with turning one of my hallway bulletin boards into one of these...I currently have 3 bulletin boards (sometimes 4) that I use in the hallway.

    1. I have seen some for twitter too. I might have to pull that out for next year!

  2. Wonderful idea! Maybe I will get my kids involved to make a bulletin board like that in out home school...

  3. I really love the idea of a Facebook bulletin board! thank you so much for sharing!

  4. The Facebook Bulletin Boards are brilliant. They are really well put together, nice job! :)

  5. I love your blog! I did a facebook bulletin board as well this year and had a hard time finding large pictures of the artists to print off of the internet. Where did you find your large portrait pictures? Thanks!

    1. Hey! I'm so glad you love my blog! That is very sweet. I also think it is awesome that you did a facebook bulletin board as well.

      I did a google search for the artists. Usually there was either a photograph of them if they are a more modern artist or if they weren't I could usually find a painted self-portrait. I tried searching for medium to large pictures...which you can actually do that on a google search. ;)Just do an "advance google search"...there is an option for that.

      After you find an image, save it do your desktop. When I printed them I just made sure that they got printed on a full page. Then it makes it look nice and big! :)Hopefully that helps!