June 19, 2013

the mediterranean - pisa

The ship pulled away from France and headed towards the motherland of the entire trip...

On a Sunday morning you would have thought the only inhabitants were the cruisers on our ship.
The sun decided to stay in bed too and let some gloomy storm clouds do their job.

We sat in a small cafe that smelled of fresh pastries and strong coffee.
The smell and taste of food soon became synonymous with my only connection to the outside world.
The bitter taste of cappuccino and creamy foam never tasted so good when it came coupled with the realization that I could indeed wake up the other side of the world with the simple stroke of the keyboard on my phone.

You go on adventures and travel to get away from the world you know.
You want that world to be there.
Experiencing it with you.
So you do what you can.

Our bus to Pisa was filled with tourists from every imaginable place.
The rain greeted us to town as we maneuvered our way through countless alleys and streets.
Our only guide on the horizon being a tower that wasn't quite standing straight.

After numerous offers for less-than-working umbrellas from the street peddlers...
follwed by our soon to be favorite line...
"no grazie"
We made it to the Pisa complex.

Pisa taught me a few things:
- always always ALWAYS travel with a umbrella
- cobblestone streets are a much prettier alternative to paved
- limoncello brings a whole new meaning to 'puckering your lips'
- i could eat pistachio and limon gelato every day (and I did)
- european architecture is beautiful but european architecture gone wrong is breathtaking
- mozzarella and ricotta cheese should always be in the two main ingredients in pizza
- i will never acquire a taste for bubble water. ever.
- serving portions are beyond normal size if they are related to the words pizza, pasta, and calzone
- there is something really fun about pretending you speak another language fluently


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