July 29, 2013

"no" really means wait

You ever wonder what is with all the waiting?
Why patience?
Why do you keep hearing the word "no"?

Waiting has never been something I am good at.
It is so hard to wait for something especially when you don't know what you are waiting for.
Every day feels long and every moment that slips by feels like another unanswered prayer.
There are so many days where giving up feels easier than waiting another minute.

I ran across some words this morning that really made me think about the providential path that God personally sets out for each one of us.

"Sometimes Christ walks through our crisis dressed in the best disguise of all: ordinary events.
He tucks a miracle in the fold of His robe and sweeps in and out unnoticed. Only in retrospect do we realize that a divine visitation graced our cold, crude winter and the resurrection of spring is on its way." (1)

I know that is so true in my own life.
I can look back and see how one ordinary day,
one simple little event,
turned into one of the most extraordinary and divine interventions of my life.

Didn't even know the waiting was over when it happened.
Couldn't see it till I got far enough away.

From far enough away I finally saw things much clearer.
All the "no's" became the best words I could have ever heard.
Because "no" really means "wait".
Just because things aren't being answered in your timing doesn't mean they aren't being answered.

"God is never late, but He misses a few good opportunities to be early."(2)

So whatever it is that you are waiting for...
a job.
a child.
an unanswered prayer.
the future.

Rest assured that the miracle is on the way.
It might already be here.
You just have to keep pushing forward to the right time to realize it.

(1 & 2) Beth Moore "Esther" p.132- 134


  1. Great post and I know what you mean...I hate waiting myself. So many times I have a hard time trusting Him just because He doesn't work on my timetable. I just read the best book that talked about waiting and letting God write your love story, the book is titled Finally the Bride (Great book!!!). Hope that whatever you are waiting on, and trusting He will bring in His perfect timing, will be along soon.

    1. Oh cool! That book sounds neat!
      You know, I feel like I am waiting on things for the people I love most. Somehow waiting with them and writing for them felt like a release.