August 7, 2013

instagram bulletin board

The newest addition to the art room is up and going...
Along with my // facebook bulletin board // I wanted to create another social media outlet...
My new Instagram bulletin board.
So what goes on this board?
Ever wonder what to do with the beautiful drawings that end up on your desk throughout the year?
Display them.
Our kids are making artwork outside the art room.
We should celebrate their creative efforts no matter where they take place.
Take things down...add new art...all as the year goes on.
You know your kids are gonna get creative outside of class if they know it will get displayed.

Who knows...
Maybe next year I will start a Twitter board.


  1. Love this idea. My desk is never big enough to display everything and pictures spill over onto the file cabinet. This is a definite for my classroom this year.

  2. That is so cute! I hang mine up on the cabinets but this is so much nicer. I will say, that when I take them down I put them in a 3 ring binder. Some may be a little large and need to be folded, but the kids or I can look at them any time. Then I can start a new binder or keep adding for the next year.

  3. Excellent idea, I will be pinning this, Jen! I also love your idea, kszwahl, for placing drawings in a binder! I'm ashamed that mine end up in a pile and then I usually end up recycling them because it becomes so overwhelming!

  4. Such a good idea! I love the idea of hanging up the artwork that students draw for me.

  5. What a wonderful idea! The drawings I end up getting are taped all over my bookshelf. I would love to create a board like this to display it better :)

  6. Love it! Last year I covered my door with white paper and then drew funky frames with a sharpie on it. I would put drawings in the frames throughout the year. I like your idea so this year I will be making an instagram board! Thank you for sharing a great idea!

  7. I absolutely love this idea for Instagram {even though I don't have an iphone and don't really know what it is LOL!}
    I'm your newest follower :)
    ~ Kristin

  8. How did you make the instagram sign?

  9. Tasha, I just handmade it from construction paper! :)

  10. Replies
    1. I looked at the instagram logo and hand painted it :)

  11. Great idea! I plan to use this to start my year. Also, I may have the kids add hashtags to describe their work.

  12. Great idea! I plan to use this to start my year. Also, I may have the kids add hashtags to describe their work.