May 30, 2013

bloglovin' and pinterest

I've been working on updating certain features on my blog.
One of the things that has been driving me a little crazy about bloglovin' is I feel like I've lost the ability to 'pin' whatever picture I want to from all your blog posts. 

Maybe I am just doing it wrong...
but bloglovin' only seems to given me the very first picture you post as the only choice to pin on pinterest.
This isn't a huge problem.
Sometime I wanna post a picture of the final product and not the initial steps of a project.

I figured maybe you felt the same way about my posts.
It was time to take action.

I found // this tutorial // over at // code it pretty //.
Essentially it places a 'pin it' button on every image in your blog post.
 It appears when you hover over it.
There were other options besides the one I picked.
// see here //

Hover your mouse over this picture to see it work:
Remember pin from the actual blog post not the homepage. :)

I encourage you all to take the 10 seconds it took to do this and do the same.
That way I can pin any of the beautiful pictures from your blog that I want to!

May 20, 2013

embracing a new dream

Four years ago when I graduated from college the last thing on my to-do list was to go back for round two.
College drained me in an emotional and yet beautiful way.
When I left the first time I was filled with knowledge and ready to get to my own classroom.

In my mind I thought.
College is done.
Time to find a job and settle down.
You know...
live the American dream.
or really...
live my dream.

The job came but settling down seemed to be more of fantasy than a reality.

So I put that dream on hold and embraced a new one.
One that didn't come with a shiny ring and the sweet smile of a familiar face.
Mine came with a half dozen college transcript requests and a tuition payment the size of a decent wedding.

Two years ago I set out to obtain a little piece of paper that comes bundled with a massive workload of great erudition, and as all us teacher know... three glorious but seldom heard words:
a pay raise.

So chase after this little dream I did.
But little it was not.
I was writing dissertations and theses about Kindergarten behaviors and how curriculum is designed.

Pouring over homework and wondering if I had made some horrible life choice as far as my own dreams and desires go.
But this past Saturday I had the answer to that question.

This was was not a horrible life decision.
In fact, this may have been my best move yet.
Even though it has been filled with long nights, frustrations, and tedious waits.
It has been worth it.

On Saturday I was awarded my Masters degree.
The same girl who wanted to quit undergrad at one (or several) points.
The same girl who took every avenue possible to become an art teacher // see here //.
The same girl who had originally hoped for a different dream.
That same girl now has
another degree.

Thank you for your patience with the blog these last two months.
Thank you for the support.
As Elle Woods and my father like to quote:
"We did it!"

May 2, 2013

supplies i bought (pt.1)

It's May 2nd.
And it is snowing here.

So since my first order of supplies remarkably showed up today I figured I could appropriately call it Christmas in May.

In March I wrote about ordering supplies // here //.
You all left wonderful comments and recommendations.

Today's order came from // Sax School Specialty //.

Here are some of the novelty items that I purchased this year.
// Flexible Rulers // $.99
This was my 'risky' purchase. I am tired of my wooden rulers. They warp in the humidity and the metal always gets pulled out. I am OVER them. I bought a class set of these and I already love them. They seem sturdy enough to actually work well. I'll let you know.

I literally squealed when I unpacked these. I love liquid watercolors. 
See // here // how I organize and distribute them.

// 6 Well Palettes // $1.99ea
I needed these for the liquid watercolor color distribution. See above.

Colors: Lime Green (Tru-Ray) -Light Green - Butterscotch -Lilac - Hot Pink (School Smart)

// Sidewalk Chalk // $4.49 for 50
These are great for warm days outside (unlike today) and Kindergarten.

// Left-Handed Scissors // under $1.99
My little right-handed self never even considered that my poor lefty students could use a little support. Hence this new purchase.

There were many other supplies I got but a lot of them were replenishment for the 
// supplies // 
I already own. 

Check back soon to see what other supplies will show up!

(note: I am not getting paid to promote products from Sax School Specialty. There are many fine art supply retailers out there. You should browse and consider all options before purchasing.)